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Buoy anchors

Buoy anchors are available as both hot-dip galvanized and un-galvanized types. The anchors are forged in our own factory and can be ordered as both 2-fluke with a weight from 1,3 to 1,6 kilos and as 4-fluke with a weight from 2,0 to 25 kilos. The 2-fluke anchors have a cross bar welded on, a little over the smaller ring at the foot of the anchor. The anchors are used for attaching the buoys to firm tools (fishing nets) on the ground. It is up to the fisherman to decide whether it is best to use 2-fluke or 4-fluke.

2-Flænet anker

4-Flænet anker

Galvanized grappel

Søger As another kind of grapnel we can offer galvanized grappel, available from 9 to 27 kilos. Grappels are used for searching fishing nets or hook lines left on the sea ground without buoy markings.

Mushroom anchors


Paraplyanker A galvanized mushroom anchor has braces that can be folded along the liner, thus the anchor takes up as little space as possible. This kind of anchor is made from cast iron and we have many sizes in stock, from 1,5 to 10 kilos.

"M" anchor

M - plovanker To meet the need for an anchor, which takes up some space, but has a fantastic ability for holding the ship in position in bad weather, we can offer ”M” anchors. The construction with a plate with 3 tongues, shaped as an M, makes the anchor plough into the sea ground. The “M” anchor is available in as well galvanized as stainless steel types. The standard sizes goes from 5 to 30 kilos but if you have the needs for a heavier anchor, please give a call and we will be pleased to give you an offer for the size of anchor that matches your vessel.

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