Musselfarming is an industry you can find several places in Denmark. However, the area with most activity in this field is Limfjorden where scraping for both mussels and oysters has been a tradition for decades.

For the past 5 – 10 years the development of musselfarming in Limfjorden has been growing. Frydendahl also delivers, among other things, fully rigged seed collectors to the farming industry.

These seed collectors are made from Danline Rope with mounted tape and sinkers.

The current takes the seed round the waters and they attach to the tapes, where they grow and are ready for sale in 12 months.

The seed collectors are attached to the sea ground using screw anchors. The screw anchors are manufactured in our metal factory in Estonia. They also manufacture grapples, made fo find lines left on the sea ground.

Muslingeopdræt Muslingeopdræt Muslingeopdræt

Fully rigged seed–collectors

1600 mts. seed collectors rigged with sinkers, tape and lines, ready to be fitted to the mainrope.

tape for see dcollectors

Sinkers for

Screw anchors

Skrueanker Muslingeopdræt Muslingeopdræt

tape for see d-collectors

Grappels - Black


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