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Cannes "Tonkin" - Bouées

Tonkin stænger Tonkin stænger er bambus uden top

Our quality products for making buoys includes ”Tonkin” bamboo poles, which is bamboo without top, imported from Malaysia. The quality is high because we continuously import fresh bamboo poles which are suitable for fishing in both freshwater and sea.

Dan buoy complete

If you do not wish to mount your own buoys, it is possible to buy our complete Dan buoys, made with Tonkin bamboo poles. The poles are available in sizes from 2,1 to 6 meter and mounted with SC buoy floats, buoy weights and 1 or 2 buoy flags.

Réflecteurs de radar


Pour fixation du

réflecteur de radar

Lampes à bouées

Radarreflektor Gummistrop til fastgørelse af radar reflektor Bøjelygte

Radar reflectors are also used for buoys; these are made from aluminium in our own factory. The radar reflector is available in sizes from 80 to 250 mm. Furthermore we have rubber straps used for attaching the radar reflectors.

Buoy lights and batteries for buoy lights are different types of accessories for buoys. The buoy light is called KS 68 and has a photocell. The batteries are delivered in packages of 2 pcs.




Bundkiler Bambuskiler Bøjeflag

For the manufacturing of buoys we can also supply wedges; Round wedges for the foot of the bamboo poles and flat wedges for fitting buoy floats and buoy weights.

For mounting the top of the buoy we can offer buoy flags in sizes from 35 x 50 cm to 50 x 70 cm. The flags are sewn in our own factory, made from strong polyester fabric. Buoy flags are available in colours orange, yellow, black and red.


avec orielle en acier inox

Lestage à bouées

Lestage en plomb

Tubes de lestage

Blylod m/rustfri hank Bøjesynk til bambus Blyvægt Bøjesynk til bambus galvaniseret bøjesynk

As buoy weight, used to keep the buoy upright in the water, lead weights from 1 to 5 kilos can be used or galvanized buoy weights 2,5 kilos. Both types are manufactured in our own factory so they fit the ”Tonkin” bamboo poles.
Lead weights of 5 kilos can be used for anchoring the buoys, instead of buoy anchors.

Flotteurs de bouées

Flotteurs de bouées

Bøjeflåd Bøjeflåd  

Buoy floats manufactured from styrofoam, are available in several sizes. Buoy floats are available as conical or oblong models. The hole diameter fits the ”Tonkin” poles.


Bande collante réflex


Reflekstape Refleks til garnbøje  

As reflectors on the buoys we have two different kinds in our assortment. Either reflectors to pull over the “Tonkin” bamboo poles or reflector tape to wind around pole.


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