Cordage de qualité de Frydendahl

Dimension Force de rupture Mètres/kilo
32,0 mm 17.900 Kg 2,13 mtr
36,0 mm 21.800 Kg 1,53 mtr
40,0 mm 27.700 Kg 1,29 mtr
44,0 mm 32.900 Kg 1,05 mtr
48,0 mm 37.000 Kg 1,00 mtr
52,0 mm 43.000 Kg 0,80 mtr
64,0 mm 64.000 Kg 0,65 mtr
72,0 mm 80.000 Kg 0,45 mtr

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Aussières de amarrage danline

Danline reb - Frydendahl Fiskenet

Danline rope is a quality rope, made from PP. The rope is 3-stranded and is as standard available in green colour, sizes from Ø 3 to Ø 40 mm with a breaking strength from 105 to 26860 kg. Danline is soft, flexible, UV-resistant and therefore long-lasting, making Danline an all-round rope with many possibilities for usage. Danline is, among others, used as mooring, demarcation and in fishing also as floatline.

If you require a strong mooring rope Danline is a good choice, a good, solid quality rope, available in standard sizes from Ø 32 to Ø 44 mm with a very high breaking strength from 17900 to 32900 kg.

Cordage coulant dropline

Synkereb Dropline Frydendahl Fiskenet Dropline sinkrope is a 3-stranded quality rope, made from polyester / Danline. It is available from Ø 6 to Ø 16 mm with a breaking strength from 770 to 4910 kg in the colour white with blue tracer. Dropline sinkrope is very suitable as e.g. anchor line and other common purposes requiring a good rope with great breaking strength.

Corde PP fibrillé 3 torons, fil de repère blanc

P.P. Film reb - Frydendahl Fiskenet Cordage de haute qualité construit en 3 opérations. Ne cose pas. Facile à manoeuver

Cordage de fibres discontinues

Staplefiber reb - Frydendahl Fiskenet Apte au montage comme ralingue.
Ne fait pas de coques!
La qualité de Randers Reb avec le fil de repère rouge.

Couteau électrique

El-Kniv Frydendahl Fiskenet An electrical knife is an efficient way of cutting rope. The knife blade works with heat, so that the rope is cut and at the same time the ends are melted which prevents frayed ends on the rope. Extra knife blades can be purchased.

Compteur de cordage

Line måler Frydendahl Fiskenet A rope measurer is an efficient and reliable tool, making measuring of rope as easy as can be.

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