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Scissors lift - Ideal poundlifter – save your back!
Note this advantage: When you clean your fish in a correct
working position – you save your back.

Sakseliften Sakseliften Sakseliften

The scissors lift is a small investment with great effect, easy to mount and use. It makes everyday life onboard easier. Spare your back and make sure you have the correct working position. The scissors lift is made from stainless steel and is solid and weather proof.

Solyst Range-Filets

Exécuté en acier inoxydable

HLT Garnspil 500/500 Frydendahl Fiskenet Frydendahl Fiskenet

Sølyst Net Cleaner, made from stainless steel, is available in 2 models – 670 mm and 800 mm. Smaller vessels use the 670 mm model size to save space, where larger vessels use the 800 mm model size.
Sølyst Net Cleaner is easy to use and sold for many countries worldwide.

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