Our all purpose floats are made from thick vinyl plastic, made to resist the extreme conditions in professional fishing. The all purpose floats are available in many sizes from 28 cm length to 142 cm length.

The fenders we have in our assortment are moulded in one piece. This means there are no seams, which gives a very durable fender. It is available in white colour with blue ends, in lengths from 61 to 195 cm.

Mooring buoys with short iron are made with galvanized iron and a swivel in the short end. The mooring buoy is made for surface use only and available in lengths from 42 to 62 cm.

Mooring buoys for pound nets are made without iron, but has an eye in each end. Available in lengths from 70 to 75,5 cm.

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Bouées d’amarrage
P/ Filets stationaires

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