Remonte-filets HLT - pour de grandes profondeurs

Nous offrons à nos clients une machine, récemment développée, qui traite les poissons et les crustachés bien plus doucement. Il en resulte une meilleure qualité de la prise, notamment en ce qui concerne les poissons plates.

HLT 500/250 - Remonte-filets
Acier inoxydable

HLT Garnspil 500/250 Classic nethauler, known to in many ports. The model has recently been developed and the nethauler is improved, thus treating the fish better. The improvement has been made by removing the conveyor belt and the traction power is transferred to the lines mounted on the fishing net. Then the nethauler does not hurt or damage the fish, which was easy to do with the old models mounted with conveyor belt. This model is suitable for boats from 8 – 12 m.

HLT 200/2 - Remonte-filets

HLT Garnspil 200/2 Nethauler especially developed for fishing from small boats in inland waters. The traction power on this nethauler is however, so great that it can be used for fishing in deeper waters. Should be used on boats from 4 m.

HLT 500/500 - Remonte-filets

HLT Garnspil 500/500 Nethauler with rubber covered drum and rotating, rubber band with elastic suspension. It is possible to remote control the nethauler from the bridge and thus setting the nethauler for the best possible angle to haul.


HLT Garnspil Agterhaler HLT aft hauler has been developped to make transport of the nets easier, on to the boats or from boat to pier. The machine is easy to transport and very maintenance free. The aft hauler is easy to install and use. In most cases the aft hauler is mounted directly to the existing hydraulic system.

Écraseur de crabes

HLT Garnspil Krabbeknuser This machine is developed especially to remove crabs, shells and other kinds of garbage from the nettings, so that the hard work with the hammer is avoidable. The crab crusher works so the net does not break so easy. It can be mounted in many ways and the crab crusher is without problems attached to the existing hydraulic system.

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