Fishing nets


Frydendahl supply fishing nets to fishermen in nothern Europe; Rigged and ready for fishing, and unrigged for fishermen who wants to rig their own fishing nets.


Frydendahl supply the following types of fishing nets: 

 Gillnets different colours

When placing your order by Frydendahl, you have serveral options: 

  • You can call on +45 97 31 13 11 and have a professional discussion with one of Frydendahl´s salesmen. 
  • You can send an E-mail to with your specified inquiry.
  • You can place your order on Frydendahl´s webshop -



Frydendahl also offers to supply fishing nettings on advanced orders. 

This means you order the type of fishing netting you require, and time of delivery shall take place within 4-6 months. 

When placing an advanced order you save app. 10% on the price. 


When placing your order, please note: 

Type of twine:

  • Monofilament twine - twinediametre is being measured in milimetre. 
  • Multimonofilament twine - each twine consists of minimum 3 strands of diametre 0,20 - maximun number of strands is 20 strands.

Meshsize - to be measured: 


All measurements include one knot. 


Depth or height of fishing net: 

  • The depth or height of the fishing net is to be stated in numbers of streched meshes. 

Length of fishing netting: 

  • The length of the fishing net is to be stated in numbers of streched meshed. 

Colour of fishing nettings: 

  • The fishing nettings can be supplied in the colour you require. Please require colour card!



Technical data regarding twines

Mts./kilo Denier
     0,11 0,5      
   110d/2 (220d)  0,16 (220d)  1,0      
     0,20 (330d) 1,5     0,5 x 3 (321d) 
 20.000 210d/2 (420d)  0,23 (440d) 2,0      
     0,25d (525d)        
 13.000 210d/3 (630d)  0,28 (660d) 3,0      
     0,30d (730d)   1,5 x 3 (990d)    0,5 x 8 (850d)
10.000 210d/4 (840d) 0,33 (880d) 4,0      
    0,37 (1100d) 5,0      
6.660 210d/6 (1260d) 0,40 (1320d) 6,0 1,5 x 4 (1320d)   0,5 x 12 (1284d)
    0,45 (1650d)   1,5 x 5 (1650d)    
    0,47 8,0      
4.440 210d/9 (1890d) 0,50 (1980d) 9,0 1,5 x 6 (1980d) 3 x 3 (1980d)  
    0,52 (2200d) 10,0      
3.330 210d/12 (2520d) 0,57 (2640d) 12,0 1,5 x 8 (2640d) 4 x 3 (2640d)  
    0,60 (2890d)        
2.660 210d/15 (3150d) 0,62 (3080d) 14,0 1,5 x 10 (3300d) 5 x 3 (3300d)  
     0,65 (3520d)    1,5 x 12 (3960d) 6 x 3 (3960d)   
In our range of nettings, you will find nettings made in doubleknots and depthwise streched, only.


In case you are ready to place your order for fishing nets, please note that Frydendahl offers fishing nettings form 5 different factories:


Damex Fishing Net

Quality fishing nets - high breaking strengths and great fishing availability

Damex Fiskenet

Torex Fishing Nets

Netting manufacured of 100 % toray nylon. Buy Torex nets if you are looking for top quality. ISO 9000 certified factory.

Torex Fiskenet

Blue Star Fishing Nets

Good quality at very competitive prices. 

Blue Star Fiskenet

Osada Fishing Net

Avoid imitations and buy Japanese quality
- a little more expensive, but much better!

Osada fiskenet 

Fully rigged net - ready for fishing

Frydendahl offers machinerigged fishing nets manufactured by Frydendahl´s factory in Estonia. 

Frydendahl offers "door to door" service. This means that Frydendahl collect your old nets from your adress, arrange cutting of old nets, remounting, assembling of nets and deliver these to your adress at agreed time. Of course Frydendahl also rig new nets according to your requirements.

This is good service!