Range of products

Frydendahl has a large and diversified range of products.

A large part of this assortment is being manufactured at Frydendahls own factory in Estonia – Saare Frydendahl OY.

App. 100 skilled workers take care of rigging fishing nets, braiding of all sorts of braid, cutting and packing of all sorts of lines, production of dahn anchors and many more activities.


Braided lines

At the factory in Estonia, a wide assortment of braided lines takes place, such as: Br. nylon, polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene and polypropylene-splitfilm. 

All these products are being manufactured in many different colours.


Fishing nets

Frydendahl stocks a wide range of different types of fishing nettings as well rigged as unrigged. In case you require your own special netting, we are in position to offer this, based upon time of delivery of 4-6 month. When ordering by advanced order, you achieve an extra discount of about 10 %.

  • Trawl department: We have skilled trawl makers. For special needs, please ask for an offer.


Fykes and fyke equipment

Frydendahl carry the largest stock of fykes and fyke equipment in Europe. Nearly all products are being manufactured in Frydendahls own factory in Malaysia. If you have special requirements, please ask for an offer.


Ropes – 3-str. and mooring ropes

Frydendahl stocks a wide range of 3 str. ropes from 5 mm to 40 mm and mooring ropes. 3 str. ropes from 2,0 mm Ø to 4,0 mm Ø are being manufactured by Saare Frydendahl OY - Frydendahls factory in Estonia. These ropes are being manufactured in many different colours. Mooring ropes are being stocked in the types 28 mm to 120 mm Ø.


Floats and Buoys

Frydendahl stock a large range of gillnet floats and also a large selection of trawl floats. Inflatable buoys are being stocked from as well Polyform as Dan Fender. Buoy floats are manufactures by Saare Frydendahl OY - Estonia.


Damex fishermen’s clothing

Frydendahl stocks a wide range of Damex products.

Damex smocks, Damex trousers – both types are being stocked in as well 0,70 as 0,85. Damex aprons, Damex sleeves, Damex seaboots and Damex waders.

Frydendahl also stocks Damex fishermen's dress, light summer fishermen's dress - smock and trousers.

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Braided lines

Fishing nets

Damex fishermens dress

Mooring ropes