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More than 90 years of experience

Frydendahl's første butik

The company Frydendahl has existed since 1933. It started out supplying food and fishing equipment to the local fishermen in Hvide Sande.  It was founded by Thomas Frydendahl Pedersen og was later run by his sons Mogens, Jens and Lars and their business partner Vagn. They expanded the business over the years and bought up other companies amongst others Daconet in Skive in 2006. This helped secure Frydendahl’s development and position in the national as well as the international markets.

In 2022 a significant change took place as Frydendahl Im- and Export was sold to the Norwegian Egersund Group and former COO Brian Skovgård. Brian became the new CEO. This purchase meant a merger between two family-owned companies with similar values that had both started up as a small business in the local fishing community. It has made both companies stronger and created new visions and dynamics.

Frydendahl – part of Egersund Group is one of the leading suppliers to the fishing industry in Denmark, Scandinavia, Greenland, Northern Europe and the rest of the world. The company is still run by the same principles as before - delivery of quality goods and a high service level.

In our factory in Estonia, we have about 65 well qualified employees who produce a big part of the articles you find in our catalogue. We have a big department where fishing nets get mounted according to customers’ specifications. Our braiding department delivers quality lines that are used for the mounting of fishing nets and a lot of other articles e.g. container nets and safety nets. We also have a metal department. The goods produced in Estonia are delivered to Denmark every 10th day which ensures a good lead time on standard goods as well as custom made articles.

Recycled lines play a big part in our production of fishing nets. When a fishing net is no longer usable it is possible to recycle the float- and sinking lines several times. When we receive old fishing nets we send them to our Estonian factory where they cut off the lines and recycle them for mounting new and strong nets. The destroyed nets are gathered and sent for recycling to plastic granules. The new nets we import from some of the best suppliers in the Far East. All in all we do our best to be environmentally friendly whilst we deliver the nets our customers want and of the best quality.

In our factory in Malaysia we employ about 40 skilled and experienced people who produce fykes for the European market and complete longlines to the market in Greenland. Fykes are mounted by hand as standard models which can be found in our catalogue. However, we also produce fykes with special measurements if our customer requires these.