Floating Suits and Life Jackets

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Inflatable life jacket Min. 40 kg - Damex

Damex life jacket

€ 80.38 Incl VAT

Life jackets

Vesten er med den nye ISO godkendelse
CE ISO 12402-4

€ 43.25 Incl VAT

Life jacket PV9320

€ 304.00 Incl VAT

Inflatable life jacket releaser, Min. 40 kg

€ 19.35 Incl VAT

Viking Rescuesuit D.5002

Solar approved

€ 777.50 Incl VAT

Immersion suit, Solas approved, red/black

€ 214.75 Incl VAT

Immersion suit Deluxe

€ 308.28 Incl VAT

Here you will find your new life saving equipment for activities at sea and nearby. It can be used on board fishing boats, yachts, and just as and life saving if your are staying close to water.

We offer floating suits to everyone who want to explore the world at sea with risk of staying in water for many hours, and you need to protect yourself from hypothermia. If you only want the best, we offer SOLAS approved equipment as well.

We have supplied life-saving equipment for the fishing industry since 1933.