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Buoyancies, breaking strengths etc.
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More than 80 years of experience

Iron Strand has, supplied fishing nets and all kinds of fishing equipment to the industry through the parent company Frydendahl since ships merchant Thomas Frydendahl in 1935 founded the general store in Hvide Sande. 

Since then, the industry has developed a lot. Fishermen have built new and top modern fishing vessels and our company has invested a lot of resources in order to support the industry with up to date fishing nets and other equipment.

In 1994 another daughter company was established in Estonia. This production company has a staff of approx. 100 skilled employees and besides net rigging it specialises in braiding of lines and special sewing operations as sub suppliers e.g. to the camping industry and many others.

In regards to net rigging, we are capable of manufacturing all kinds of fully rigged gill nets. One of our services is cleaning and stripping of used gill nets. More than 75% of the approx 40.000 nets we are rigging in Estonia annually, are rigged on second hand lines.

In Estonia, we also have a considerable production of braided products of all kinds, such as braided nylon, polyester, polypropylene and leadlines. Products such as flag lines, yacht lines and rescue lines are being produced in large numbers.

In 2006 the company Daconet was purchased. The company was founded in 1934 by Johannes Dahl as a general store and Daconet has during the years specialised in fykes and all kinds of inshore fishing equipment. As Frydendahl, being situated in Hvide Sande next door to the North Sea, has specialised in all kinds of gill nets, Frydendahl-Daconet have a large and complete assortment to offer to the industry throughout the world.

In the early 2000s the company was expanded with a factory in Malaysia. It holds approx. 30 very skilled net makers. Appronet exports its products to most of Europe as a sub supplier to the mother company and it manufactures a wide range of products such as fykes for eels, shrimps, scallops, cod, crabs and wrasses. Many of the standard types of fykes are shown in this catalogue. If you require special
types of fykes, please get in contact and we would be more than happy to send you our best offer.


The keywords of Iron Strand are service and quality

In order to constantly keeping the highest level of quality, Iron Strand has created a marking system in order to control the net production from the stripping process until the machine mounting has taken place. This means that Iron Strand and Daconet guarantee for the products supplied, at all times.

In this catalogue, you will find specifications of the different types of nets we carry in stock. Besides sale of nets from stock, we also arrange special import of nets exactly according to the requirements of our customers. The time of delivery for such orders is approx. 5 months.

Another important part of the business of Iron Strand-Daconet is lobster and crab pots. These are supplied to the North Atlantic waters as well as to the local market in Denmark. The largest types of fykes supplied to the North Atlantic waters are being manufactured at Frydendahl’s Estonian factory.

In regards to crab pots, Frydendahl plays an important and innovating role in developing new types of pots.

To make sure that Iron Strand-Daconet remains a major supplier to the fishing industry, innovation and development of new products is key. The company is developing products ongoingly to keep its wide the range of products current for the industry.